My Letter to the President

Nigeria ARMDear Mr President,

Yesterday another one of my family members was kidnapped in Nigeria. This will be the second of such tragedies to befall us in less than a year. I realize you do get thousands of messages each day and that you will probably never get to read this but I am still going to say what is on my heavy heart.

Tonight we will go to bed wondering what is going to happen to our loved one. I bet you do not know what that feels like neither are you worried about such tragedy occurring in your family. There hundreds of other Nigerian families that are in the same situation as mine and we are united in saying that every one of these kidnappings is one incident too many.

I have read on your Facebook postings about the things that your administration is doing to combat crime in Nigeria like investing more money on the Nigerian police force and sending troops to the worst crime hit parts of the country which I applaud. But in all honesty, I do not see how these actions are going to completely solve the kidnapping problems. I am not a law enforcement specialist, neither do I claim to be an expert on nation building but common sense tells me that these young people that are engaging in these kinds of atrocities are doing so because they are not being giving other alternatives.

Let me be very clear here, I am not in any way justifying the evil be perpetrated by these criminals. In fact I will support giving them the harshest prison sentences that Nigeria has in its books. What I am saying is that the number of these kidnappings and armed-robberies can be greatly reduced if young people in Nigeria have other options. I know that even the advanced countries like the USA and the United Kingdom have their fair share of crimes, but at the same time some of what is happening today in Nigeria can be minimized by the government making available other forms of employments for these potential criminal offenders.

I read an article the other day in which the writer said that most of the kidnappers in Nigeria were recent university graduates that are unable to find decent and honest means of making a living. Growing up in Nigeria, I was always told that the best way to be prosperous in life was to get a good education. A lot of these young people have done what was required of them by getting university degrees and it is only right that their nation does right by them.

I am a young Nigerian who currently resides in the USA and I have always dreamed of someday moving back to Nigeria to contribute in any way I can to help build the nation back up. At the rate things are going, I fear that I may not have a country to go back to when the time comes. We urgently need something done to prevent losing a generation of young productive Nigerians to other countries or criminality.

Oh, about my dearly beloved Aunt that was kidnapped, they people that took her are asking for 15 million Naira. Well, I am not sure where we are supposed to find that kind of money to pay the ransom so at this point I am leaving everything in the hand of God. By the way, I forgot to mention that she was kidnapped in church in front of her four kids. Nigerians in Nigeria are not safe anymore even while in church.

May God help Nigeria and its people.

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